About Monty

Fun fitness and weight loss trainerHey there my name is Monty Miller and welcome to my fitness blog. Since you probably haven’t heard of me let me give a little bit of background. I am a personal trainer, have been for 15 years and I absolutely love what I do! I am driven by my God given purpose and that is to impact Wilmington NC residents with the message of health and fitness.

I wasn’t always into fitness, in fact at one point in life I was extremely unhealthy and didn’t take care of myself. But when made the decision to change, it was a complete transformation! Once I became certified I had so many questions it led me to get a degree in exercise science at UNCW. I had many more questions and I continued my graduate education at UNC-CH in exercise physiology and a big emphasis in nutrition.

After earning my master’s degree I returned to Wilmington and worked in pediatric research and taught anatomy and physiology labs. I moved on to work for 5 years in corporate health and fitness at PPD and loved it, but had the desire to make a larger impact on many more people.

I started Monty’s Boot Camp in January 2008 and never looked back. I have been blessed to see hundreds of people change their lives through exercise and nutrition. We are currently expanding to a larger facilty to accomodate even more people, including a program for kids, called SuperFitKid. I am on a personal mission to reverse the current trends in childhood overweight and obesity.

On a personal level I am so fortunate to live in the great city of Wilmington with my beautiful wife of 5 years and our son Christian (21 months). At the time of this writing we have another child on the way and couldn’t be more excited! I spend a lot of time working but let me tell you I spend a lot of time with my wife and son and value every moment we have together.

I hope to meet you soon and talk fitness, life or whatever:)

God bless you.