The Summer Shape Up Program Is Your Way To Start The Same Way Angela Did!


If you are interested in transforming your body, learning a nutrition plan that can not only help you get fast results but that you can do for life and making friends and having fun then……

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My name is Monty Miller, Owner of Monty Miller Fitness and I am excited to announce our Shape Up For Summer Program for the month of April.

I am opening up 15 spots in this exclusive, limited time offer at $100 off the regular price (only $99).

This program is for you if you can meet the following criteria.

-You’ve got to commit to show up for workouts at least 3 days per week
-You’ve got to adhere to a simple, effective nutrition plan on a daily basis.
-You’ve got to have a positive attitude
-You’ve got to be coachable and accountable and have a desire to make some changes and stick to them for the long term.

This program definitely isn’t for you if:

-You want a magic bullet or quick fix

-You don’t like to follow directions or be held to a standard

-You don’t like to have fun, laugh and be a part of a community.

If this sounds like you and you want to:

-Lose weight or tone up

-Feel more confident in your bathing suit this Summer

-Fit into clothes you haven’t worn in years

-Just plain feel better….

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I WILL do my best to make you love exercise, encourage you to do more even though it will be hard at times and to give you the tools to help you win with nutrition and NOT feel like you are starving all the time!

To start transforming your life, health and fitness then just click through and fill out a short form to apply.